Friday, July 21, 2017


Luke 8:40-48
Our greatest need for healing is so personal and private we don’t want anyone to know.
We are as sick as our secrets.
We have a tendency to hide what needs the most healing……Because we are afraid what it will do to us socially.

Mark 5:26 if I could just touch the hem of his garment I will be made well. She was going to risk making others unclean in order to be cleaned herself. You cannot be unclean enough to mess Jesus up! SO filthy from your sin and somehow get him messed up. Jesus is clean enough for us all.
Our need for healing and wholeness is deep down in us!
Numbers 15:37-40 tassels were there to remind the men of Israel that they were holy to the Lord….it was an example of their purity before the Lord…..she reaches to that to touch!            
“Fringe/cloak” –how easy would he have been to grab on to….he made himself easy to grab…the tassel was right there, and she grabbed on to the part that proved he was clean…and instead of her making him unclean it made HER clean!

He is not hard to grab on to….he came to be touchable!  
Luke 24:38-39---touch me and see…..
Luke 7:36---he knows what kind of women we are & that is exactly who he picks out and makes himself EASY to grab on to!
You don’t have to just sit there, do you have faith enough to reach out and grab him.
Isaiah 6: he robe FILLS the temple that means there is enough garment for all of us who know they need healing!

Hebrews 10:19-23 let us draw near with our hearts sprinkled with the FULL assurance that faith brings

As long as you feel unclean you won’t experience him because you aren’t drawing near to him!
2 Peter 1:9—you do not have to cycle in and out of defeat!!
When we go back to the cycle of defeat we have forgotten what the blood at the cross did for us.

Its our faith that drove the touch that welcomed the healing!
Come full of faith that God will can and will work in your life! Grab on to his garment!!

These were notes from a talk I heard. I just love it because Jesus made himself touchable, in the midst of a crowd of people he was still accessible and able to be touched…just a sweet moment for me right now when I kind of feel like that woman, just in a crowd (the chaos of life) all around me, loud, noise, busy…..and trying to get to Jesus by doing all I know to do (read/worship), but even in the chaos and noise, he makes a way for me to grab his tassels, and not just grab him but he NOTICES when I do…..makes me cry. He is sweet to me when I am feeling overlooked, unappreciated, and feeling low he still notices when I reach out to him…because he doesn’t change, or move…he is constantly close and he wants me to reach out and grab him. so yeah good good stuff. He is ridiculously sweet to me and I love him deeply.

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